Making Connections

It has been a very busy couple of weeks!  My associate was out of the office for medical reasons so I was “holding down the fort”.  I have spoken to many of you who have been in similar situations lately with maternity leave, new associates or vacations.  What I have been hearing is that people are a bit busier over the last few weeks.  This is a hopeful start, but too soon to have any data about it being a true trend. 

Since my last post I have met with the CVM Class of 2012.  It was a nice dinner with discussion about what happens after graduation.  Most of those at the meeting were looking to take positions in the workforce as associate veterinarians.  A few had jobs lined up, but many are still in the process of interviews and searching for their first job as a veterinarian.  The MVMA provided information on what we do and the programs we have available for all veterinarians, but in particular the recent grad section of the web site.  Dr. Jean Hudson was there to help me out and we shared experiences of first jobs, lessons learned and gave moral support.  We talked about graduation and licensing.  I graduated from MSU in 1997.  Much has changed since that time!  Graduates now have to be fingerprinted for licensure, amongst the other hoops that they jump through.  It is a time of great uncertainty when you don’t know where you will work, what you will be doing or what type of income you will have.  I sympathize with the level of stress they are all feeling right now.

On Thursday, Feb 16th, I met with a group of law students from the MSU School of Law.  Dr. Frank Karmona (MVMA President 2011), Ms. Karlene Belyea (our CEO) and I all answered questions about what we do in our jobs, what type of moral, ethical, and financial pressures veterinarians face, how our association helps veterinarians and the animal owning public, and similarities/differences in our professions.  We were happy to be invited to speak with the Animal Law class of about 21 students.  The students were all very interested in our job.  We had a great opportunity to explain the differences in companion animal and production medicine and the importance of communication with clients.   We talked about the many “Good Samaritan” activities that veterinarians do on a regular basis and the connections with shelters/rescues/animal welfare groups. 

I am getting ready for the Spartan Leadership Weekend (Feb 24-26) as my next MVMA adventure.  I look forward to a great time with 4 team members.  If any of you will be attending be sure to stop and chat with me!   We hope to go out on Saturday evening for some fun socially (not sure where yet).

Time to get back to my clients and patients!  I wish you all a productive and pleasant week to come.  Check back in soon!

Dr. Sayles

  1. Hylon J Heaton III, DVM said:

    Welcome to the top spot! You will do well and are loved! Call on me if you need advice or just a sounding board!
    Hylon Heaton

  2. Thanks Hylon! I hope to have lots of sounding boards and to get feedback from all those invested in our veterinary community in Michigan.

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